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What can I find at Albyn's Garden Shop? 


You can find an abundant source of cool succulents, greenhouse annuals, veggies & herbs, and gorgeous tropical planters! The annuals are planted in flats, basket fillers, hanging baskets, and patio planters in every size. Taking a step beyond the greenhouse, you can find perennials, shrubs, and a huge tree selection.

Our garden shop is different is the way that we are centered around our customer's planting success. Taking a step back and enjoying the simple things in life is our approach. We love creating experiences with our customers, so they can learn about the opportunity to plant good-looking and beneficial plants in their yard. Our team, hopes to see you this spring of 2018! 







What Types of Trees does Albyn's Nursery Offer? 

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Licking County's largest tree selection! We offer an interesting collection of tree choices, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Explore flowering trees, rare conifers and shade trees to make your yard, "the yard" to look at to find planting inspiration. 







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