Planting Perennials with Purpose is the Secret to Any Garden


Full Sun Perennials

Full sun perennials look great in the front or backyard and require at least six hours of direct sunlight. This list includes: Black eyed Susan, Coneflowers, Sedum, Russian Sage, Coreopsis, Peonies, Cheddar Pinks Dianthus, and for the complete list, click here!  

Full Shade Perennials

Full shade perennials are so easy to take care of but be careful how you are watering your full shade plants, because they don't take a lot of water. Full shade perennials consists of Ferns, Coral Bells, Hostas, Bugloss, Brunnera, and Astilbe. 

Perennials that bloom flowers during spring and summer 

Flowering Perennials

This list is composed of perennials that are blooming during spring and summer that will bring color and beauty to your garden. Also, check out our guide to fresh cut flowers! 

Perennials that are hard to kill and easy to maintain and grow. 

Easy to Maintain Perennials

Nothing is more relaxing than knowing that your garden doesn't require all those extra steps! If you are just interested in putting in something that is going to make your garden design pop without all tedious work regime, click here! 

Deer Resistant Perennials that deer usually don't want to eat. 

Deer Resistant Perennials

Deer usually don't eat these perennials, but read here about the difference between deer proof vs. deer resistant plants. Next time you go plant shopping keep these perennials, in mind.