Mum Planting Guide


IMPORTANT - mums are prone to being root bound, so make sure you take them OUT of the pot and plant your mum in a container pot that is a little bigger. Root bound mums make it difficult for the soil to retain water.

  1. Fill the new container with quality potting soil, we recommend Black & Gold / the other…

  2. We suggest gently breaking up the roots at the base, before the mum is placed inside the new container.

  3. Make sure you leave an inch below the lip of the new pot, so water is able to settle, absorb, and saturate your newly planted container mum.

Lots of sun

Mums love the sunshine! It’s a must that your mum is getting 4 hours of sunlight a day.

Water, but don’t over do it

Mums like water, but PLEASE water at the base of the mum, and NOT at the top. You will break the foliage, mums are especially fragile and they are susceptible to break easier.

To test the level of the soil, place a finger in the soil base. If you chose not plant your mum in a bigger container, please note it may cause your mum to dry out faster. When the dryness takes over, then you may need to place your mum is a small bucket of water to let the base of the plant absorb the water.


Awww the lovely chore of deadheading, we all love it, right?

Spending the time to deadhead your fall mums will pay off in the end! Your mum will look beautiful and healthy.

Buy Quality

Better to buy quality mums at your local garden center or nursery center, than at a large superstore. You often find that mums that are sitting outside a grocery store are under-watered.