Fall Container Ideas

Get creative with your fall containers by adding something that really brings out the color in your front entry way!  

Coral Bells

Thrives in shade, tall bell shaped blooms arrive late spring to early summer, incredible colors of green, purple, bronze for this hardy perennial!

What you will LOVE - low maintenance, hardy, colorful, deer resistant, and creates a great FALL season combination container!

Sedum “Blue Marina”

Succulents are so in right now, so why not include these awesome perennials in your Fall patio planters? Swim in the sea of blue & gray foliage, loves full sun, blooms late summer with pink/rose flowers,


Full sun, please! Cabbage is great for the fall, especially the color it might add! Depending on type, space at least 18-24” apart, plus add mulch to increase the soil moisture level. Don’t forget cabbage will tolerate hard frost (below 28 degrees).


What’s millet? So great you asked! We usually carry the Purple Baron Millet, they prefer light watering, space 10-16” apart, and they grow as tall as 30-40”. These provide a deep purple color makes an excellent backdrop behind mums, cabbages, coral bells, and so much more!

Brilliance Autumn Fern

If you love to display those orange, copper, and pink colors that intensify Fall season brilliance, then this is your pick! 18-24” in height This perennial loves to live in part shade to full shade.

Lamb’s Ear (Helen Von Stein) “Big Ears”

Hardy, low growing, spreading perennial, who loves the sun! Lamb’s Ear possesses a striking silver color. Great for bordering plants that have high spikes. Space 1-3 ft. To avoid leaf rot, please make sure the soil is well drained.