Yellow Leaf Problem Solved

Is your shrub or tree producing yellow leaves, and not green leaves? The yellow leaves are a sign of iron, magnesium, or zinc deficiency, also called Interveinal Chlorosis. When your plant has chlorosis it simply means that they are in need of more nutrients, in order to grow those beautiful green leaves. A soil test is always a good idea when it comes to determining the root of the problem. I found a great article from the Morton Aboretum's website that explains in depth about chlorosis and what short term and long term actions you can take to lessen the effect chlorosis will have on your plants. View the article here,

I had a customer, who contacted us about her Limelight Hydrangea showing visible signs of yellow leaves and what could be done about this issue. Our customer knew it was due to either a magnesium, iron deficiency or overall a lack of nutrients, but wasn't quite sure which plant care product to invest in. In today's times there is a world of information out there, but this post was created to give you a simple list of trusted products to eliminate those unattractive yellow leaves.

According to the article by Chris Bond from Maximum Yield, "Location will matter," when determining which what kind of chlorosis you might be dealing with. The article, clearly states if you see yellow leaves stemming from the top of the shrub, then your plant is most likely experiencing an iron deficiency. If the yellow leaves start from the bottom, but not the top then it is experiencing a magnesium deficiency. 

View this table to further explain different application types and the benefits of each! This resource came from Utah University: Extension

Here is our go-to plant product resource: 

#1 Bonide Liquid Iron - Foliar application (liquid fertilizer application) spray on plant solution + product information found here. Where to buy: Amazon Prime

#2 Miller Ferriplus Chelated Iron - this product can be used as either a foliar spray or granular form.  Where to buy: on supplier's website.  

I hope this article was helpful to you, please leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas and experiences with Chlorosis.